Thursday, 20 March 2014

Resolutions in review

Wow, March has been awesome so far.  Hectic for sure, but awesome.  I'm finding some of my resolutions easier to keep than others but that strikes me as pretty standard!

  1. Be in the moment.  I have been taking a slightly different approach to this resolution recently, I have been taking the time to evaluate what I already have and ensuring I use it.  For example, I love my Kindle and love how easy it is to just download a new book to it and to start reading straight away.  The thing is I have an ever growing pile of actual books that people give to me because they think I will like them, so my task recently has been to work my way through the real books and save the ones on my Kindle for when I am on my travels and need to pack light.
  2. Take every opportunity to exercise.  Well I bit the bullet and joined the gym.  I've been loving going to classes and netball every week and I'm finding the more rigid structure of class timetables more motivating than slotting exercise sessions into my week here and there.  Now the weather is getting better I have to admit I'm more inclined to walk to work as well, when I do I average 15,000 steps without even trying!
  3. Be organised about lunches.  Nooo I'm still struggling with this one, any suggestions folks?
  4. Reconnect with friends.  This month we went up to Birmingham to visit good friends Bon, Andy and their new (ish) baby Archie.  It was such a chilled weekend and perfectly sums up how awesome those pair are and how lucky we are to know them :)
  5. Allotment time.  I think this might just be my favourite time of year for the allotment.  Of course I love harvesting armfuls of crops, but when you first put the seeds in and check them everyday for progress, for me that is the most exciting time!
  6. Seek out culture.  Not a bad month for culture at all!  Two visits to The Drowned Man, an evening with comedian Jon Richardson, an afternoon at the Natural History Museum and a morning at Tate Britain.  I'm loving seeking out exhibitions, plays and films.  This month I want to visit the Gilbert and George retrospective exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter!
  7. Be more efficient with chores.  Whilst taking up classes at the gym has been great for me they definitely eat up my time in the evenings but I have managed to do the odd job here and there to reduce the amount of cleaning I have to do at the weekend.  My mornings have also become a ruthlessly efficient time for doing laundry, and tidying up.  That said there is room for improvement, I might draw up a rota to formalise what needs doing on which days, you never know it might help me focus my mind?


  1. Let me know if you get any good suggestions about taking lunch to work, I suck at it but need to get better. xx

  2. Frozen fruit - chuck it in a pot and it's defrosted by lunch! Leftovers are always a winner too xx


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