Sunday, 16 March 2014

Life lately

  1. Buying daft robots that I would secretly like to own...
  2. Happily this little chap loved the robot! We got to hang out with him on our friends allotment in Birmingham on a sunny, warm spring day - lush.
  3. The new Birmingham Library exterior, pretty impressive.
  4. Graffiti next to the Birmingham Art Gallery where we saw the AMAZING Grayson Perry exhibition of tapestries.
  5. Monday saw me pegging it to London whilst MozzyMr drove home in the opposite direction.  Adventures abound in the capital, this one being the first creature I stumbled upon at the Natural History Museum.
  6. A very pop art display on lobster mites... lovely.
  7. DINOSAURS!!!  
  8. Heuheuheuh whilst in London I took the opportunity to see The Drowned Man again (fifth visit).  I know I say this of every single visit but it really was the best performance I had seen so far I can't wait to go back at the end of the month.
  9. I am loving netball at the moment.  I'm a bit too competitive and push myself too far, I've already had a twisted ankle, pulled a calf muscle and been called out for more penalties than I care to remember the most comedy one being where I pushed a player out of my way with my bum.  I was mocked with much twerking whilst I stood aside for the penalty.

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