Friday, 21 March 2014


Halfway through!  With spring sneaking in more and more, and allotment time expanding I anticipate many more happy days moments.  Here are days 41 - 50:

41: Spring blossom is always good, even if it means everyone in the office is sneezing away with hayfever!

42: Booking flights and accommodation for our little holiday in San Diego.  I am so so so excited!

43: My continued love for netball just has to feature in my 100 happy days.  The last two sessions have been great with lots of game time :)

44: What would a 100 happy days post be without at least one reference to The Drowned Man?  I went with my brother in mid-March and it was the best performance yet!  I got some funny looks on the train back to my brother's house carrying this mask.  (Don't worry no one was harmed!)

45. Being a geek and photographing all the minerals on display at the Natural History Museum!

46: Seeing this painting at Tate Britain and being reminded of MozzyMr's work.

47: My daily obsession is checking on the progress of all our seeds, these tomatoes are doing well, perhaps a bit leggy at the moment but I will move them to prime windowsill space to thicken them up a bit.

48: I did say checking the seeds was a daily obsession!  Here is a little cucumber seedling poking it's head above the soil.

49: After a gorgeously long lie-in on Saturday morning I was greeted by these amazing reflections on the ceiling of our bedroom when I flung back the curtains.  How very geometric and now...

50. The first crop of the year and that is such a happy day.  Purple sprouting broccoli for tea was a real treat :)

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