Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Wow I can't believe I'm 40 days in!  I'm really enjoying this challenge, it has me instagraming all the time, and really taking the time to notice those little nuggets of happy surrounding me.  So here are days 31-40:

31. What, what is this?  Sunlight?  I can't be sure I haven't seen it for so long...

32. Mewster has taken to hanging out on the back of the sofa whilst MozzyMr and I are sat on it, she also sleeps on the bed more these days.  She may well become a lap cat yet....

33. The weekend after MozzyMr's Birthday I arranged for an old Uni friend of ours to visit as a surprise for Moz.  The look on Moz's face when he answered the door was ace, an evening of catching up, playing Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit ensued.

34. So many weekends recently have been a wash out, so I've been forced to stay under the duvet drinking coffee and reading Ship of Theseus.  It's a real shame.

35. This little beast is so damn cute sometimes.  Whilst I shower in the morning she will hang out on the bathmat having a wash waiting for me to finish and lavish her with attention.

36. MoMa made this ragdoll for me when I was a very little girl, I can't remember her name unfortunately but I love her outfit and hair.  She sits on my chest of drawers so I get to see her everyday.

37. Meeting up with friends for a Friday lunchtime gossip, rounded off with epic ice creams on chilly days!

38.  MozzyMr is always drawing pen tattoos on me, this was Saturday's masterpiece.

39. Last burn on the allotment until October *sad face*.  It was a glorious day on Saturday, perfect burn weather, the whole process is so much easier with Bernie our incinerator.  We went a bit over board and burnt everything that we could get our hands on.

40. So, damn, exciting... I love this time of year!  Every windowsill in the house has collections of seedlings, I've had to bring some house plants to work just to make room.  Here we have some butternut squashes going in!

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