Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life lately

  1. Taking inspiration from exhibits at the London Transport Museum.
  2. Watching MozzyMr play with his nieces.
  3. Hanging out with Missy Little whilst wearing rabbit ears.
  4. Growing veg as ever!
  5. Making the best jam I have ever tasted, seriously having to control the impulse to eat this with a spoon straight out of the jar.
  6. Making elderflower cordial and champagne!
  7. Making pesto, have become pesto obsessed but figure there are worse things to be obsessed with?
  8. Doing a spot of travelling to France and enjoying some sunshine even if it was for a mere week!
  9. Looking puffy and tired, like I am ready to curl up into a ball and sleep at a moments notice.

  1. Buying MozzyMr prizes from my travels but actually wanting to keep them for myself...
  2. Loving the jelly fish, the lights in their tank changed colour I liked them best when they were pink.
  3. Suspicious penguin outside the London Aquarium is suspicious...
  4. A remarkably cheery looking Easter Island head in a tank full of sharks.
  5. Watching rays swim, seriously it's hypnotic I love it!
  6. Being a tourist and going on the London Eye.
  7. Hanging out with my brother.
  8. BBQing like a pro.
  9. Seriously my brother has special BBQ gauntlet glove thingys (!)


  1. Looks like you've been busy!! xx

  2. We've just braided our garlic! Ever tried pumpkin seed pesto, very good.

    1. Pumpkin seed pesto??? Never heard of it but it sounds amazing, do you have a recipe? :)


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