Saturday, 20 July 2013

Allotment geekery

1. The allotment is one of the few places in town where you get to see a big sky, with the clouds moving towards us it was looking particularly amazing today.
2. These cornflowers grew from seeds we had leftover from the wedding invitations, as you can see they're doing pretty well.  The bees love them and they supposedly help keep carrot flies off my lovely carrots!
3. The plum tree is settling in well, no sign of any fruit yet but, I guess that we'll have to wait until next year for fruit.
4. The red cabbage is doing ok, it had a few caterpillars munching away on them which we had to dispatch but I haven't seen any on there for the last few days.
5. Aubergine flower!
6. A bumble bee taking full advantage of the leeks that we let go to flower.
7. These borlotti beans look absolutely amazing!  I think I need to leave them on the plant a bit longer but it's a struggle resisting the temptation to pick them.
8. The same goes for the purple dwarf French beans, I don't know how big these actually get?
9. Successional beetroot planting is working well for us this year, think I might need to find a beetroot relish recipe...

10. The sunflowers aren't doing too badly this year :)
11. Hmm the peas aren't amazing this year I still haven't quite got the hang of them, next year I'm just going to plant absolutely loads of them!
12. Foolishly we planted courgette on the same patch we did last year (we were very quickly running out of usable space) and they haven't done so well.  We also need to give the soil some tlc in autumn and winter.
13. A spaghetti squash, when we first put these in the raised bed they withered and didn't look as if they would make a recovery but happily they have.  With the fab weather we've been having we have been going to the plot every day to water, it take about an hour between the two of us but is worth it.
14.  We have about five or six butternut squash plants that survived, this one is the smallest, most wilty but has the largest flower on it.  It may only produce one squash but I suspect it will be a good un.
15. Hmm the pear that I photographed a few weeks back really hasn't grown much.
16.  The apples are coming along a treat...
17.  MozzyMr watering his precious tomatoes! 
18.  The tomatoes are growing well but they're just not turning red, hopefully we will have some to eat soon.


  1. It's looking great! I decided not to grown anything this year as it always rains & the veg rots..... sods law it's the best sumer for years!!! xx

  2. Everything looks great. What a variety of things you have growing. It's fun to vicariously grow vegetables by reading your 'Allotment Geekery' posts! Wishing you a good week.


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