Tuesday, 23 July 2013


So yeah, about a year ago I took the decision to stop reading fashion magazines, I thought their message was corrosive and just encouraged spending on the most frivolous nonsense.  Since then I've mostly read The Simple Things or Mollie Makes as well as reading lots of blogs.  The thing is, more and more blogs on my Bloglovin feed are sponsored and some of my favourite blogs are becoming like the magazines I chose not to read anymore.  I found myself wanting to buy stuff on a near daily basis and regularly made impulse purchases based on the stuff I was seeing on blogs, I was reverting back to my fashion magazine ways.  Now don't get me wrong I appreciate that I should exercise more self control and for many writers of blogs it is their primary income.  I just wonder how else the corporate will infiltrate the individual voice?  

For me (and for my purse) I am going to edit my Bloglovin feed and re-evaluate what I really should and need to be spending my money on.  Do the purchases I make really make me happy or are they a distraction from other things?  


  1. I know just what you mean...I have spent some time away from blogland recently, partly because I was falling into old, bad habits of buying stuff that, if I hadn't seen it, I could have lived quite happily without. It's not easy to operate self control when every day we are bombarded with lovely things...good luck! Rachel x

  2. I was really bad when I started reading blogs, every time someone did a book review I ended up buying it! I try really hard now not to get sucked in to that & I've stopped reading blogs that are sponsored. I like reading about peoples lives not what they think of a new product they want you to buy!!! xx

    1. I totally agree, I love reading about people's lives (basically I'm just nosey) so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! xxx

  3. I'm with you, I HATE blogs that have become adverts, I like to nose around people's homes and crafty projects, not buy more tat.


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