Saturday, 27 July 2013

Rainy Saturday

MozzyMr came back from the allotment last night with news, it seems changes are afoot... not good changes.  Currently the parks and recreation part of the council run the allotments across the city but it's going to be taken over by car parks and as we all know car park departments like to scrape in as much money from residents and visitors as possible.  We're expecting rents to double which is an arse but not only that currently 51% of your plot has to be cultivated before they boot you off but that will be upped to 75% in September when car parks take over.  Now at the moment that will be fine, by September (when the proposed changes are likely to take place) we will be able to clear the grass and weeds from the quarter plot we took over earlier in the year but it has been a lot of work and I worry that we might struggle to keep up.  I would hate to think we would lose our allotment, it's one of the few places I feel contentment.

So what has that got to do with a rainy Saturday?  Well we were going to put in several hours digging and make the most of the rain we have had recently which with any luck will have created softer soil, but it keeps tipping it down!  So whilst we waited for the showers to pass we nipped into town to visit our friend Joe who has taken over as manager of the new RSPCA shop in Exeter, we dropped off a few donations and made a little purchase whilst we were there.  I expect under Joe's management the shop will become a haven for all things retro and fabulous!

So next we visited the Royal Albert Memorial Museum to see the Wasted Exhibition to quote their promotional blurb:

"This exhibition explores the life-giving potential of 'discarded' body parts and their relationship to myths, history, cutting edge stem cell research and notions of what constitutes informed consent."

Mmmmm sounds delicious... and actually it was a great exhibition!  Here are a few pictures:

Niiiiice chair!  The white portion of the seat cushion is made of donated human fat.  Yum.  You're not allowed to sit in the chair but you are invited to give the seat a squeeze, which of course we did and it was quite squishy and not too unpleasant.

I absolutely loved the wall of dental casts which I've always had a bit of a fascination with.  My brother had a cast of his teeth made when he was young which he still has, I never had to have it done so was a bit jealous.

I will never complain about my teeth again, some folks have a proper snaggly set of gnashers...

Baby teeth set within a resin sculpture... not my favourite piece but the lighting of the resin was ethereal, which was nice.

A trip to the museum isn't complete unless I go and see the bugs and the butterflies, they're so beautiful!


  1. That's too bad about the changes at your allotment. Hope things work out ok for you in the end because clearly it is something you enjoy, and in turn I enjoy tagging along on via your blog posts,

    That exhibit sounds very odd in deed.

  2. Yuk!!!! I loved the chair until I read the info :(
    It was lovely to see you both on Saturday, thanks so much for popping in. Sorry to hear about your allotment. I would offer to help clear the plot but August is crazy busy for me with every day off taken but I may be able to do an evening :) xx

  3. slightly creepy exhibits, (apart from the beetles and butterflies).

    I'm sure you'll manage the allotment, you two do amazing stuff there - just spread things out more if needs be! x

  4. Those teeth gross me out but also really make me want to go and see them haha.
    If you need a hand with any digging let me know, I love a bit of gardening and don't have a garden so will be happy to help.


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