Thursday, 6 December 2012

Alternative advent calendar #6

* Controversial comment alert* I don't really like snow.  There I said it.  

Perhaps I should clarify; I only really like snow when I don't have to get to work and I can choose to go out in it or choose not to.  Where I work is on the top of a massive hill and there is no approach to it that has a gentle incline so getting to and from work is a nightmare!  The perils of icy pavements that don't get gritted, people grippig on to every available railing, people wearing MASSIVELY inappropriate shoes (stilettos in snow?  Seriously?), and the afternoon slush that freezes and makes the journey home (downhill) so much worse.  Bah humbug.


  1. Miserable are you? I LOVE snow!!! But yep icy roads suck :( x

    1. To be fair there are a lot of things I do love, like the sound of wood pigeons, the look of snow, tinsel (bloody love tinsel), paperwhites flowering in January and smelling lush, biscuits, my friend CJ believing in unicorns and diet coke.

      But snow? Meh, sod snow ;)


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