Monday, 17 December 2012

Alternative advent calendar #17

OK this is a weird one, but the Christmas edition of the Radio Times coming out equals the home stretch in the Christmas countdown.  For the last couple of years MozzyMr and I have had a Christmas at home and it has been lovely.  Work for both of us is always hectic at this time of year so on Christmas Eve we get to shut the door, put the jammers on and relax.  No doubt a Christmas film or two will feature in the festivities this year and BOOM that's where the Radio Times planning comes into play.


  1. It's not Christmas without the radio times! I haven't brought one this year :( The time seems to be ticking away too fast...... as you know I do the same over Christmas, it gives me a rest from being nice to people!!! xx

  2. I came across your blog today and I have enjoyed my visit. In days past the TV Times and the Radio Times were staples in our home at Christmas (when we only had 3 - maybe 4 - TV channels) - the only time of the year they were really purchased.

    I enjoyed reading about the progress and preparations for your wedding and I loved the personal and relaxed approach to it (for the guests to know that they didn't need to 'dress up' sounded like my kind of gig!) - unlike so many these days that cost as much as the deposit for a house and are treated like stage performances.

    The little bunches of flowers you chose reminded me of those I grow in my garden evey year, and would choose any day over shop bought.

    I have developed a thing about allotments though have never owned one. I saw a wonderful photograph some years ago of Edinburgh allotments, by photographer Lucinda Withinshaw, which looked like a proper little community - with so much going on - various versions of higgledy piggleday sheds and glass houses, chairs, demarkation lines and plants etc and the image has stuck with me. I would have bought it but it was a bit pricey for my pocket at £250 - but still terrific. I hope you enjoy many years of growing and sharing in your allotment community.

    As regards car boot sales - I have never been to one - but hope to one day.

    Apologies for lengthy comment but I did enjoy reading your blog.

    All the best. Bella B!


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