Friday, 21 December 2012

Alternative advent calendar #21

A number of blogs I follow have featured 'a photo an hour' posts that I just love, so I thought I would give it ago for my Alternative Advent Calendar.  Being on holiday I thought I might have something interesting to show you..... yeah.. sorry about this.

9am - Not an early start, but then I'm on holiday and I'm not a morning person, so meh who cares?  Starting the day right with a proper cup of coffee POW!

10am - I only seem to get to the studio when I'm on holiday and so getting a painting finished is a long and arduous process. 

11am - Progress being made...

12am - I forgot my lunch so had to be satisfied with two cans of diet cokes and a peruse of The Brownie Guide Handbook.

4pm - (ok not quite a photo an hour but surely there is only so much of this you can take?) So after six hours in the studio it was time to head home, there is only so much staring at a canvas and scanning the internet on your phone you can do...

7pm - MozzyMr and I these days don't seem able to get our timings right, we once turned up to a Birthday party a week early.  So this is me cutting out snowflakes to attach to gifts to be sent via last courier today.  Panic!!

8pm - I've been toying with getting this for ages now but the cheapest I could find it was £29.99 which I'm just not prepared to pay for a board game, but I found this on Wednesday in WHSmith's for £17 which I was happy with.  The thing is Moz is convinced he is a shoe in to win, I however know that this is my time to shine!  I'll let you know how we get on...


  1. ooh I would be good at the logo game!! Love your kettle :) xx

  2. I really agree with you on coffee and also use a Macchinetta to brew mine! Yum. You are very good at making snowflakes. I've already decided that I'll be trying some next year. They're so pretty. Happy holidays to you Anna :)


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