Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Alternative advent calendar #19

MozzyMr has a real bee in his bonnet at the moment because I say I don't really like food.  The thing is... I don't really like food.  A few years ago I developed an intolerance to lactose *cue rolling of eyes* which makes food a bit of a nightmare.  I'm the awkward one who has to check everything if we go to a restaurant, the awkward one people are terrified to cater for (eggs?!  Can you have eggs?!), the awkward one who has to check every packet before I buy anything at the supermarket and the awkward one who usually has to stick to the same narrow selection of food because I know it won't make me ill.  So, no I can't really be arsed with food that much, it's just fuel to get me through the day.  But MozzyMr's argument that I do like food is based on the fact that I love cookery programmes, especially Christmas cookery programmes.  Nigella, Jamie, Hugh, Lorraine, Heston, Delia and the Hairy Bikers are great!  I'll even watch the hybrid chef/hobbit Nigel on occasion, but I draw the line at Gordon.  They're all part of my Christmas countdown, it's rare that I'll make any of their recipes but ooo the twinkly lights!  The lush looking Christmas baked cheesecake!  The Christmas jumpers and the obligatory trip to Lapland where the chefs cook up a reindeer!  Love it.  Now I'm off to have a dry piece of miserable toast, ta-rah!

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