Saturday, 27 October 2012

Allotment Geekery

This Saturday there wasn't roller derby training because the team were playing in Plymouth, sadly as I am crawling on my hands and knees towards payday I had to go for free activities, i.e. clearing up weeds on the allotment.  Monty said we should bring our pumpkins in to avoid frost damage so bring the pumpkins in we did and very happy I am with them too.  Not only that but we had two medium sized flower pots filled with tomatoes, a basket full of runner beans, four butternut squashes, two peppers, four leeks and a large handful of spring onions.

Oh and in case you're wondering I'm going to save the seeds from the sunflower.  This one grew from the sunflowers we grew for the wedding so I want to see if I can keep the same 'family' of sunflowers growing next year 


  1. You've had an amazing year at the allotment, those pumpkins are impressive! x x

  2. Nice haul! We roasted and froze some fresh pumpkin this week and the aroma was delicious, as will be the pies to be had over the winter. But alas, we did not grow our own pumpkins and had to buy them! You make me feel like a slacker in the gardening department. Neat that your going to keep the family of sunflowers growing from your wedding.


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