Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Shepherd Hut Holiday Postcard

This weekend MozzyMr and I spent the weekend away in a shepherd's hut near Parracombe, North Devon.  We needed some time away and as it was close to my Birthday it was a good excuse to get away from Exeter.  The hut was really nice, the views were amazing, the shower was freezing sadly but you can't have everything.  The hut was situated on a farm surrounded by sheep, horses and dogs none of which are Mozzy's favourite, in fact I've never seen the man move so fast when he thought the sheep were too close.

We built up an amazing fire in the wood burning stove, so much so we had to spend most of the night with the windows and door open.  I like to think I'm at home in the country, but even I have to admit that when I was woken up to scraping and shuffling outside I doubted how much I would actually want to live in the middle of no where.  It helped that when I woke in the morning I realised the sheep surrounding the hut looking all cute, fluffy and mostly harmless had just been a little inquisitive during the night.


  1. It looks rather nice on the inside, far too close to the wildlife though! Glad you had a good time. Happy Birthday Mrs! x

    It looks like he's smoking a crazy pipe in the first picture ;-)

    1. Thank you! I hadn't noticed the crazy pipe but I see that now! :)

  2. What fun. Sounds like such an interesting and unique way to spend your holiday! Happy birthday :)

  3. Looks lovely, what a great way to spend your birthday :) xx

  4. that is so cute! i like the idea of a teeny tiny place to rent like that. and i want to see sheep! that first picture is so funny!


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