Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Allotment Geekery

Ahhhh this is probably the best part of the allotment year in my opinion.  We're still harvesting loads of veg but we're also clearing down the bind weed and other nasties and drying them out ready for the bonfire season which starts in October.  We've cleared down a far amount, this is some of what we have left:

Now, the following compost bin might not look much to you, but it's been a long time in the making on our plot.  We've had one of those plastic council dalek do-dah compost bins since we started but they're rubbish and MozzyMr has been talking about building one out of palettes for AGES, and now we have one!  Shame it's almost full already...

The polytunnel is teeming at the moment, our little plot is full to the brim with tomatoes and a couple of other bits, including a baby melon!  How exciting, can't wait for it to be big enough to eat.

The following bits of veg aren't ours but I had to take some photos to show you how others are using their polytunnel plots.  We do have some chilli's and peppers growing but frankly we grew too many tomatoes and they haven't got as much light as they needed, next year we won't bother with so many tomatoes, they're nice but I am OVER tomato soup.


  1. Your poly tunnel looks amazing! Have so many friends that have had failed crops this year due to the weather but see the polytunnel is the way to go! Due to house move I haven't been able to do my allotmenting this year and actually due to waiting lists will have to do it in the garden, which is fine as we have inherited a proper greenhouse (mucho excited by that!)

    1. This year has been such a struggle to get anything to grow really, our peas didn't grow so well and our potatoes got blight (boo) but the polytunnel has definitely been a lifesaver. I hope your allotmenting goes well, how exciting that you have a greenhouse!

  2. I have dreamed of having a proper greenhouse for years! Had to replace two broken window pains but other than that looks ok. No electricity in there though there are cut wires so there used to be. Lucky to have some fruit trees, a hazelnut tree which is as really excited about til everyone said good luck getting the nuts before the squirrels. I have been doing daily nut watch at it is nut carnage out there. Loads of u ripe half nibbled ones on the ground. Previous owners kindly planted runner beans for us so we have loads of those plus quite a few rhubarb plants too. Have just found a recipe for rhubarb chutney I am goi to give a go!


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