Monday, 12 March 2012

The Wonderful Box of Happy

Sometimes life is rubbish, it just kicks you in the nuts and spits in your hair and I think some of our lovely friends are going through one of these times.  It came to a head when they discovered that someone had shoved a rock through their rear windscreen an expense few can afford during these lean times.  When I spoke to my friend she sounded utterly deflated and pissed off so I thought a Wonderful Box of Happy was in order....

Pigga helped with the glow bracelets, bicycle spoke beads, sweets, seeds, cat toys, 'Eat Your Greens' pencils, bubbles and tiny pom poms.  Actually she just wanted the pom poms.

All packed and ready to go...

The cardboard box was a little uninspiring so a little tarting up was in order, happily I have been building my rubber stamp and washi tape collection which came in handy.

I hope it puts a smile on their faces, it put a smile on mine collating it :)


  1. Ooooh this is amazing!! Where did you get the spokey dokey's/spoke beads? I want some for my bike x

    1. BTW I got some for my bike too but haven't had the nerve to cycle about with them on *sad face*


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