Saturday, 24 March 2012


When I first started going out with MozzyMr he came with boxes of the weird and wonderful, for example; his dreadlocks from when he was at uni (I still find them every so often and I freak every single time thinking they're a rat), the plastic tiger heads that make the cat hiss and get all angry every time we dig them out of the depth of storage and his extensive tablecloth collection. 

The tablecloth collection sat in the laundry cupboard doing nothing for 9 years, but they came into their own at our wedding so when Mozzy came home with the following I was happy to add it to the collection, I'm sure those tablecloths will come into their own again at some point.


  1. nothing like a bit of retro floral to make one summery happy :)x x

  2. Oooh lovely - I had no idea he collected table cloths. How odd.

  3. I have loads of tablecloths too!!! :) x


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