Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Tricks

I would love to be good at photography, I did a multitude of photography projects at university but my frustration with the ridiculously complicated and seemingly nonsensical settings ends with me reverting back to the default automatic settings and a 'I'll crop it later' attitude.  (Look I know most of you will think I'm being dumber than a rock here but I really struggle with the technicalities of taking a good quality photograph.  Give a blank canvas and some paint and I can rustle up a better than average painting, give me an embroidery ring and some thread and I can produce a pug embroidery with sparkly thread dentures, hell I have other talents!) 
 So to improve my skills I set myself a weekend project; to take a subject that was continually changing, and not to use any automatic settings or flash.  So here is the view from my bedroom, inspiring isn't it?

It was a struggle because I just don't retain this sort of knowledge but I started to get the hang of it having gone on something of a journey via the too bright:

Too dark:

All monitored by a watchful cat who just wanted me to naff off.

The learning continues...


  1. haha!! I'm rubbish at taking photo's too, thank goodness for editing :) Kimbo did help me with my camera & pointed out things I'd never heard off! x

    1. Sam rolls his eyes in frustration at me over this, I think he might have to get the finger puppets out and make the information as basic as possible for me to understand!!

  2. me too! I just don't get it. I have a point, shoot, edit like hell attitude. Sometimes I get lucky ;) x


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