Saturday, 9 July 2011

Uptight, uptight, stressy thing

Well what can I say?  Today is a low.  I always knew this wedding lark would be stressful but never knew how much it could tear such a deep chunk out of us both.  On the positive side only two weeks until my holiday starts and I can hopefully rest up and get my strength back.  The last few weekends have been packed, trips to Bristol and London, and the next are looking pretty busy as well but that's all part of it, and I've been told feeling like this is normal.  To be frank I just want it to be over now!

But this isn't the place to whine on about things that I can't change, this is the place to wibble on about veg and making things.  The allotment has finally started kicking off:

The sunflowers are coming out (not all of them thankfully, hopefully we'll have some fresh blooms for the day!)

We've got more lettuce than we know what to do with!

And the flowers I've grown from seed are coming along nicely, the sweet peas look amazing and I've let the coriander and thyme go to seed so I can get some fab smelling foliage into the floral mix so to speak.

A couple of weekends ago we were up in London for the final fitting and collection of my wedding dress, expertly made by my soon to be sister-in-law, the girls bridesmaids dresses were also complete and super twirly which has gone down a storm, but what nail varnish colour to have??  (I suspect pink).

Right-o I'm off today to handover studio admin to someone else so I never need be involved in the stressful studio admin again, and might actually have time to do artwork hazaar!  Then off to my colleague Anne's for a bunting session (photos to follow!).

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  1. So, so near to the fun part! Hang on in there!! Your allotment is looking fab, I'm a bit jealous, very actually - our is less than impressive this year.


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