Thursday, 9 January 2014

Life lately

  1. Getting to see Ghostbusters with live action the weekend before Christmas!
  2. Christmas Day and Mewster enjoyed playing in the piles of wrapping paper
  3. Embracing old lady hood and tuning into Radio 4 over the Christmas holidays
  4. Mewster helping MozzyMr complete a jigsaw puzzle
  5. A fab Christmas present from MozzyMr
  6. Itching to start reading it but trying to be disciplined and finishing what I am currently reading first!
  7. A classic tea towel to add to MozzyMr's collection
  8. New boots!  Sadly my go to pair of El Naturalista boots finally broke over the holidays and I had to replace them with these beauties
  9. Getting to spend lots of time with this classy beast over the holidays was great I miss her furry face when I'm at work 

 10, 11 and 12. Becoming obsessed with the American Splendor graphic novels
 13. Tiring of this never-ending rain
 14. Little Mewster hanging with the humans!
 15. Glow in the dark dinosaurs are the best!
 16. Noticing texture
 17. Planning the allotment and getting all our seeds in order :)
 18. Digging out and cleaning up treasures for the ETSY shop!

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  1. pekny zoznam!

    Pozyvam na NOBILIS TILIA giveaway, tu:


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