Monday, 20 January 2014


I saw a lot of my work colleagues and online chums taking part in #100happydays on Instagram recently.  I umm'd and ahh'd about taking part because I didn't want to be seen to be jumping on the bandwagon, but what a great bandwagon to jump on?!  In the spirit of positivity I have been trying to live by recently I started snapping away... here are my first 10 days.

1. The random stuff we have in our house is great.  I overlook it during the coming and going of everyday life but every so often an item will catch my eye and make me smile.  On this occasion it was the glow in the dark dinosaur on the mantelpiece in our kitchen.

2. I suspect Mewster will feature heavily in my #100happydays, she is such a lovely cat, bursting with character and nothing but good natured and gentle.

3. This lot.  The simple things like having a drink or two, eating home cooked food and playing Mario Kart on the N64 whilst wearing a mushroom hat.

4. Further daft stuff found in our house. Stoofer, a gift from the lovely Bonny and Andy who I hope to see very, very soon.

5. Loving reading American Splendor by Harvey Pekar, how did I not introduce graphic novels into my life sooner?

6. Wilkos is one of my favourite shops, and if you own an allotment or enjoy gardening in anyway it should be one of yours too!  I love it when they get their spring stock in, browsing the seeds, planning what to grow and buying plants for the back garden is such a happy thing.

7.  Mewster again!  She is so relaxed around us and I love it when she basks in sunbeams.  Those paws!

8. *Excitement* MozzyMr putting the first seeds of 2014 in the ground.  We're perhaps a week or two early putting the broad beans in the ground but we couldn't wait any longer so in they went!

9. Nature being a bit lush.

10. Having this little creature by my side whilst recovering from a cold, she knows when I'm under the weather and snuggles up until I'm well again.


  1. January is so horrible I think this is a good bandwagon to jump on! Like you my girls will feature lots :) x

  2. Lovely photos and lovely cat. I also umm'ed and ah'ed about #100happydays and in the end went for it - mostly for a nice focus during a miserable January return to work (and having to leave my baby at home). It's been nice to take notice a bit more of those special moments. Some can't be captured but then it's fun finding creative ways to tell the story. Enjoy.


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