Friday, 4 July 2014

On hold...

Since returning from San Diego I haven't wanted to blog at all.  For a long time the fun of blogging had gone away and compiling content felt like a chore not a pleasure, no hobby should become a chore.  I originally set this blog up three years ago to chart the progress of our hand-made wedding, at the time I enjoyed prattling on about my everyday life but in the last year and a half it has felt too introspective.  Whilst reflecting on your life is good, it's not good when you feel a compulsion to document everything about it just to have blog content.  Also, who am I kidding?  There are many blogs out there with much better content, photography and energy..

This isn't an end, just a pause.  Thanks for sticking with me this far!

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  1. I know that feeling, enjoy that big world out there!! x x x


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