Friday, 2 May 2014


Ooo I'm a bit behind with my 100 happy days, not because there hasn't been a lot of happy to document, simply because work and life has become so hectic!  Here are days 61 - 70:

61. Easter bunny treats AND a reward sticker in the same day? (Yes there are reward stickers at work and it is remarkable how much people strive for these!)

62. Good grief, Mew is too cute sometimes, she sits on my phone a lot, I had it on the arm of the sofa whilst she had a little wash above it and got this little snap.  I love it when cats wash their heads they look so content.

63. I won an award at netball and received a I heart netball t-shirt, and you know what?  I really do heart netball, with all the gym classes and netball classes I'm really notice my stamina improving and my team mates are so lovely :)

64. True dat.

65. What is a 100 happy days post without a trip to London?  This time it was with friends Iain and Derfel and we went to see the musical Billy Elliot.  We were in the cheap seats but actually the view was great!

66. Absolutely my favourite time of year allotment-wise, all the seedlings poking through.  I over planted purple sprouting broccoli so shared them around with my friends at work, one has an allotment and the other is giving veg growing a try for the first time.

67. How could these little cat paws make me anything but happy?

68. The strawberry flowers are blooming which means jam season will soon be upon us, as we only have one jar of last years jam left this makes me very happy indeed!

69. Morning spring sunshine is gorgeous especially when it highlights the ever maturing tomato plants on the windowsill.

70.  I was lucky enough to meet this little lady, she's called Maggie and she is just THE most adorable little pup.  She makes me want to get a dog so much, sadly MozzyMr won't be having that at all.

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