Sunday, 29 December 2013

Future Cinema does Ghostbusters

The weekend before Christmas MozzyMr and I went up to London to visit my brother.  Surprise, surprise we went to see The Drowned Man again (best visit so far!) but my brother had also booked us tickets to see a Future Cinema presentation of Ghostbusters.  Future Cinema has the strapline 'WE ARE LIVE CINEMA.  Cinematic experiences like no other'.  I'd say so.  It took place at The Troxy, I doubt there is a better venue for it, the building is amazing. We plonked ourselves right at the front, loaded up on hot dogs and drinks and watched the action taking place around us.

Whilst queuing to get in the Ghostbusters car circled the Troxy.

Mini sets to explore at the back of the enormous venue.

Could this building be anymore perfect for a screening of this film??

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  1. What a cool concept. That must have been really neat to see!


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