Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Alternative advent calendar #3

I always get a bit reflective at this time of year.  The past 12 months have been a real mixed bag for me and MozzyMr, frankly it hasn't been an awesome year but there have been a number of firsts this year that I am really chuffed with:
  • First visit to Ireland
  • First visit to Dublin
  • First time celebrating St Patrick's Day (in Ireland)
  • First time being on strike and attending a union rally
  • First visit to Turkey
  • First visit to Istanbul
  • First time being a manager
  • First ETSY shop selling stuff I made rather than vintage items
  • First (and hopefully last) cracked rib
  • First time I have been blown away by a cultural experience (The Drowned Man)
  • First time celebrating Norway Day
  • Witnessing my nieces first holiday abroad
  • First time I attended a march against the EDL

How about you, what firsts have you experienced this year?

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