Saturday, 14 December 2013

Alternative advent calendar #14

I haven't done a life lately for a long time so if you follow me on instagram some of these photos will be familiar... apologies.

// 1 // 2 // Mewster taking some time out to sit on towers of boxs and files
// 3 // 4 // Mewster taking some time out to schlomp about the house
// 5 // Being a bit right on and protesting the EDL presence in my home town
// 6 // Getting some fresh air and having a stomp in the woods with my wellies on, literally the best thing
// 7 // Embracing winter and filling up on homemade stodgy pies packed with homegrown veg
// 8 // Buying and making MozzyMr wear daft hats.  Best IKEA purchase ever.
// 9 // Making metres of paper chains for decorating the office

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