Thursday, 12 December 2013

Alternative advent calendar #12

October and most of November were absolutely hectic for us, in a good way but hectic nonetheless.  When it gets a bit much MozzyMr and I slink off to the allotment for some fresh air and peace and quiet.  Our plan for the festive period (when we both finally finish work for the holidays) is lots of allotment time especially as we have the new quarter to dig over.  

Our plot is right by one of the entrance gates, we were chatting away to Malcolm from the immaculate plot across the way when a couple came by, all of us did the usual hellos and nice weather we're havings but what struck me was that they were quite obviously noobs.  They turned up to the allotment in near perfect clothing and had a wheelbarrow full of brand new tools, this is unheard of!  I wonder if MozzyMr and I looked like that to the others when we turned up three years ago?

The polytunnel has finally been put to bed, the last of the chillies and a baby butternut squash have been picked, the chilli plants have been wrapped in fleece to over winter them and we can start planning what to put in their next year. 

The best thing about root vegetables is that you can just keep them in the ground until you need them (assuming the soil isn't too wet), this little selection is destined for a 'half the garden' soup.  I still have plenty of parsnips to come out ready for Christmas dinner, and by the time we get to the big day the leeks should have experienced a couple of good frosts to make them sweeter.

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