Wednesday, 12 June 2013

London Transport Museum

Last weekend we visited family folks in London and had a touristy day visiting the London Transport Museum.  MozzyMr and I had wanted to see the poster exhibition Poster Art 150 and it did not disappoint I photographed almost every poster.

Absolutely love this!  If this had been a poster available to buy I would have happily spent a lot to ensure it was on my wall at home!  Alas it was not for sale.

This had long been one of my favourite Underground posters so I was chuffed to see the real thing.

How had I never seen these before?  Such a shame this sort of advertising can't happen on the new tube trains :/

I love seeing collections like this, if I had been the person who had lost the Moomin troll in the centre of this picture I would have been GUTTED.  Apparently other lost property have included an urn full of ashes and a boat.  Hang on.. a boat??

One of my favourite posters in the exhibition, quite possibly because it reminded me of those first trips to London I took with my family and being fascinated by the Underground.

It is beyond odd that this should be another of my favourite posters.  I HATE snails, I wouldn't tire of punching them in their little faces if only it didn't involve actually touching them but strangely I love this poster.  I love the pencil texture of the illustration, the repetition and humour.

A classic poster, apologies for the strange angle of the photo, if I had one criticism of the exhibition I would say that it was crammed into too small a space without taking into consideration people viewing the posters.  But hey they had limited space what can you do?

This was the viewpoint of MozzyMr who being a screen printer was checking out the technique.


  1. Great posters, I've been wanting to go there for a while. Love the lost property. Tell us about the cafe.... it looked like fun :) xx

    1. Sadly I didn't take many photos in the cafe but you would have LOVED it! The upholstery was all in the old tube fabrics, cappuccinos had the Roundal dusted on top in chocolate powder and there was transport related food like the double decker burger etc. You should go you would love the exhibition that's on at the moment! xx

  2. Sounds like a good time. I really like the repetitive snails and the texture of them, funny as well :) I wish we could put those personal stereo signs up all over!


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