Tuesday, 18 June 2013

France: a visit to the brocante

So last night it thundered and it rained, and boy was there lightning.  Today it is still raining and overcast so MoMa and I took a leisurely trip to the local brocante in Aigre, the prices were incredibly high but there were a lot of interesting bits to see:

Check out the entrance to the brocante, lots of treasures to explore...

I love this collection of cuckoo clocks, the kitsch landscapes and the picture of Jesus of course.

Check this fella out!  No idea who he is but that is one winning smile for sure!

I am undecided as to whether this is an Eiffel tower shaped pigeon cage or planter holder, either way I'm certain it would look great in my garden.

What's that you ask?  Is this a bitchin' glittery gold bath?  Damn straight and in fine condition as well :)

If ever you want cross stitch art come to France, you cannot walk down the street without tripping over some amazing examples this being one.  On Saturday there was a truly awesome flamingo cross stitch which I did give serious thought to buying but it was quite big and I wasn't sure where I would have put it...

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