Saturday, 15 June 2013

France: all the reds

So today MoMa, MoPa and I visited a car boot sale (where I purchased the bird tin in the bottom right corner for a bargain 5 euros), as well as a junk warehouse type place and Emmaus (a charity depot) in Angouleme.  The fox taxidermy was a snip at 20 euros, just the small matter of getting it back on the plane, surely they wouldn't mind me strapping it into the seat next to me?  (To clarify I did not purchase the fox taxidermy, but I was genuinely tempted to.)

The plants are found in and around MoMa and MoPa's house, love the succulents!  Happily I have been buying them up like they're going out of fashion over here :)

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  1. gorgeous photos, looks so beautiful there. Have fun x


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