Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Allotment geekery

Oh my days!  I hope everyone likes jam because our strawberry patch is growing and growing and we are going to have so much fruit.  I can't wait!  We've been saving jars for months, unlike last year we're going to make jam and preserve as much as we can for winter.

My lavender is coming along nicely and smells amazing, the bees love it.  It seems it loves it's position because it was a third of this size a year ago.

At last I seem to be getting the hang of carrots!  I have them in a raised bed one half of which is doing really well but on the other half a cat/cats keep digging at it which is just so frustrating, I suppose I should view this year as a practice run and I'll know better what I'm doing next year.

Chopping at mega grass that has built up on the quarter of the plot that we took over earlier in the year, this little fella jumped out.  A year ago this would have freaked me out entirely but now I love them, they eat slugs and snails and that is just fine by me.

Hmm not sure if you can read the labels on this panoramic overview of the plot, but you get an idea of what we're doing :)


  1. Looking good! My lavender is looking good this year too. Love it so much.


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