Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I bought a really beautiful planter at the car boot sale ages ago, the person I bought it from put it in a carrier bag, as he handed it to me the handles broke and it smashed.  I was gutted, it was minty green, opaque and JUST what I was looking for!  I spent months looking in charity shops and car boot sales to find something similar and then we went to the Vintage Store in Exeter and I found this planter.  It is not quite as nice as the previous one but it will certainly do for now, finding it also meant I got to visit Trago Mills (the weirdest shop, literally) to buy some succulents for it (that's the done thing for blogs these days isn't it?  Vintage planters and succulents?  I couldn't let that tend pass me by).


  1. Gorgeous! The succulents are perfect ;). What a shame about the other planter. Your story reminds me of the 'mermaids who got away'. I had bought some really cute vintage chalk-ware mermaids on eBay, but when the seller was packing them up for mailing she accidentally broke them. Of course I got my money back in full, but I still mourn those little fish ladies.


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