Saturday, 27 April 2013

A little post about Mewster

Well firstly I have to apologise to those of you who follow me on Instagram (@mozzymrs) because you will have seen these photos already, BUT in my defence I wanted to write a post about Mewster the wonder cat and she doesn't like cameras but seems not to realise I can take photos with my phone.  She is such an awesome cat, she is so gentle, affectionate, funny, sweet natured and daft.  She is a joy to live with and everyone who meets her seems to think she's pretty awesome too (she won MoMa over by spending a good minute or two licking her hand) so please excuse this somewhat indulgent post about my cat Mewster (who MozzyMr still insists on calling Supertube).

This cat just loves the bath, and water, and "hiding"

Blue steel


Guilty look



Cat with a tasche!

The morning after the night before (catnip comedown)


  1. Mewster is such a cutie. I so love black and white cats. I also really like her name.

  2. ah she's beautiful! Just found you on Instagram, looking forward to seeing more pussy cat pictures :) xx


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