Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Road Trip!

A pictorial journey from the South West to Derby (oop North to me, being a Southerner and all).

All packed with wedding clobber we jumped in the car and left Devon, the blue skies, fluffy clouds and animals frolicking to almost immediately hit traffic.  Hurrumph.  Luckily I had suitable reading material and MozzyMr was driving, win!  Along the way we passed a glittery lime green VW Transporter driven by a youth who we naturally assumed lived with his mum, how else would he afford to a) buy a new VW Transporter and b) bling the bugger up!?  We passed the best bit of the M5 by Bristol where on a good day you can see for miles.  We attended a lovely wedding (here is a sneaky peak of the lovely bride, but more of that on a later post), I wore a new dress, had new hair and took lots of photos.  We did origami, and MozzyMr styled it up with a cigar.

Heh heh heh and this is when I get evil.  The day after the wedding MozzyMr is in a delicate state, whilst he is weak and kitten like curled up in the front seat of the car I pull into his favourite store... but don't worry I bought him a desk lamp and a piece of cake he was perfectly happy.  And finally, when you're tired, sick of driving and other drivers, this lovely sign whooshes over head, because for us at least South West is best baby!


  1. Loving the new hair mrs! Looks like you had good weather for the wedding.... doesn't it always rain oop North!! tee hee x

    1. Thank you lovely lady! I was very nervous about it but now that a few people have seen the new 'do' I love it!! The weather was lush as was the hotel, more of that tomorrow though.....


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