Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Random Assortment of French Loveliness

  1. In the village of Aigre for a festival in May each shop in the village had the portrait of the shop owner painted on their window.  Apparently some were removed as soon as a polite amount of time had been observed...  This one was my favourite.
  2. Yep this was my sat nav, and do you know what?  This and a map got me there just fine thank you.
  3. Max the dog.  A new addition to my aunt and uncle's household, he made light work of the squeaky toys I bought him, he's a strong little beast but cute as a button.
  4. Naff-o birthday cake made for my brother's birthday.  Nom nom.
  5. Super hot evenings playing cards by candle light, on this particular night we waited for a thunderstorm to roll in, it arrived around midnight and was quite a show.
  6. Decorations for my dad's birthday.
  7. Yay!  Neon plastic cups!
  8. Everything ready for our celebration meal, we cruelly made dad wait for his present until after dinner, after which he scuttled off to play with his new iPad.  He is a very happy 70 year old, in fact we haven't heard a peep out of him since.
  9. Cake, lots of it.  Sadly I couldn't eat this one but MozzyMr enjoyed it.

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