Sunday, 6 March 2011

Where did all the time go?

Crikey. Where has 2011 gone so far? One minute we had plenty of time and all of a sudden we're 16 weeks away and I am casually browsing portaloos in my spare time.

So why the roses? I am currently undertaking mission confetti. The positives include buying myself lots of lovely flowers (mainly roses), the negatives; I have become slightly obsessed with rummaging through the paper bag of petals on the radiator taking the ready ones out to 'make room' for the others to dry (imagine a stoat or similar small creature scrabbling through leaves looking for tasty mites and other treats).

Flowers of all sorts have been taking over our house at the moment. Sam's mum came round with a box of delights! What fantastic knitted flowers for the napkin rings! When I added my meagre offerings to the collection they looked like a child's drawing of flowers, a tad wonky with bits that by nature simply could not occur, Mary, and bless her for it, said she'd had a few more years to practice and over time mine would improve. Alas there simply isn't enough time for me to improve enough so Mary was packed off back to Brum with a substantial list of extra flowers I want her to knit (thank goodness for creative in-laws!).

Over the last few months we have been searching car boot sales and charity shops for glass water jugs and cake stands, as you will have seen previously my mum has done a great job finding cake stands and I have added several fantastic water jugs (photos to follow), but my find of the month (doubtful I will use for the wedding as I love it too much) is my ice cream cone vase. Brilliant. I am having an internal conflict, I love the beauty of the roses but want the petals for my confetti, I think I will leave it for a few more days!

And last, but not least, the wedding rings, exactly the shade of grey we wanted and made of titanium so with any luck they will withstand Sam's daily rough and tumble work:

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  1. Woo Hoo! I love the cone vase - just perfect! Rings look gorgeous too. I'll save rose petals for you if you like - we get stacks of roses in June (great timing eh?)
    Woolly flowers are looking good - the sunflowers are my favourite.
    C x


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