Sunday, 12 September 2010


I have to doff my imaginary hat in respect to my mum, you set that woman a challenge and she rises to it admirably! Following a passing comment that I wanted to get a mixture of glass cake stands for the wedding, mum went forth and did a sterling job, 9 cakes stands and 3 cupcake stands later we (well mum) has made a fantastic start to the cake stand collection!

Now the hard work starts; we have to source cakes, scones, buns and all manner of baked goods for our dessert buffet. Sadly, being allergic to milk dessert can be a disappointing affair, but if I were a betting woman my money would be on Totnes as a good place to start in my hunt for a milk free cake...

Continuing on the theme of missions, Sam is on one. A brew mission. So far this year we have been stung, pricked and sunburnt in the persuit of elderflowers for champagne, blackberries for crumbles and jam, and now elderberries for elderberry wine. 5 kilos of elderberries later and a good hour of removing berries from stalks we have a very purple kitchen and a very confused cat.

The spare bedroom is soon to be a brew centre extraordinaire!

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  1. Cor you really are cracking on, I love the cake stands - I'm a bit envious! Hope the brews and potions turn out well, x


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