Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Casual and not stressful, no really.

'Casual, casual easy thing' that's the mantra for our wedding. Wishful thinking right? Over the years I have heard far too many horror stories of stressed out brides upset that the place settings don't match the bridesmaids hair or equally ridiculous things and the thought of it brings me out in a cold sweat of terror. Why generate such stress for one day in your life? I recognise that as far as days go it's an important one, but really? Perspective is a wonderful thing, it's a marriage you're creating here not a wedding!

For those who know us the idea of Sam stressing over the colour of napkins and whether they match the flowers is laughable, equally the idea of spending thousands of pounds on a wedding doesn't quite fit in with either our income or our belief in not wasting money on stuff, stuff that is disposable and essentially useless after the day. Friends have set great examples with their weddings, one pair went to Ikea bought up plates and cutlery to avoid renting them from the catering company and then donated it all to the Church they were married in. My soon to be sister-in-law made her own simple and yet stunning wedding dress, and recently we went to a wedding in Wales where the couple had made an impressive array of homebrew from delicious cider to coffee wine (like coffee cake in a glass).

For our part we will be encouraging a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at all times, to start with we'll be holding our reception in a barn on a nearby farm, there won't be formal sit down meals and guests can dress how they wish, there is no obligation to fork out for new outfits and shoes chances are you'll be donning your wellies if the British summer is anything to go by!

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