Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Importance of Bunting

I don't think that it would be conceivable for either my aunt, my mum or myself to hold a celebration without bunting. We have Christmas bunting, 50's bunting, and 70's bunting produced, stored and ready to be whipped out at a moments notice. It is with this bunting heritage that I have started collecting fabric for the wedding bunting. The idea is to gather fabric with designs that have some relevance to Sam and I (hence the glasses) however I'm not sure what aspect of our personality is reflected by owls or flags both of which have featured in recent fabric purchases, apart from the fact that I simply had to have the fabric. Fabric worm has been featuring every day in my browse history, so far I have kept the purchases down to two parcels but when payday arrives I can feel another sale coming on. Of course to reflect my Devon roots I will have to succumb to a trip to Trago Mills for backing fabric, it would seem wrong on some level not to have included Trago in the preparations some how, perhaps a nice gargoyle or similar??

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