Tuesday, 13 July 2010



Flowers? Check. A reception in a barn doesn't seem to lend itself to posh flowers so we're going for sunflowers and wild blue flowers, perhaps cornflowers? But the best thing is because sunflowers will be too big for the bridesmaids (will be 6 and 4) the florist is going to source mini sunflowers especially for them, so cute.

Our garden next year is going to become a sunflower growing factory, every available space will be taken up with the production of sunflowers on mass, herbs and veg be damned we're on a mission!

Not only that but the bathroom has already become a wine and beer making factory. At Christmas when my brother and cousin came to stay we were in the middle of brewing a batch of elderflower wine, four demi-johns with amber coloured liquid were merrily bubbling away. Both took it as red that we had just stored vats of our urine, for what purpose they imagined I don't want to know. Needless to say there was much relief when I explained that no, we weren't conducting strange-o experiments with wee.

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