Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Well hello there 2014.  I gotta be honest 2014 I'm not keen on the weather you've brought with you, it is blowing a gale out there, the cat has cabin fever and MozzyMr is discombobulated.  BUT I already feel more positive about you then I did 2013, I didn't make resolutions last year but I thought I would make a couple this year just to keep in mind the good stuff.

  1. Be in the moment.  Eat fewer meals sat in front of the television, put the computer down more, read and well, be in the moment.
  2. Take every opportunity to exercise.  Yeah, yeah everyone says this one right?  I'm not too bad with the exercise thing but there is always room for improvement; don't hit the snooze button so many times I have to drive to work instead of walk, walk to the shops rather than driving, cycle and start swimming regularly again.
  3. Be organised about lunches.  In 2012 MozzyMr and I were pretty hot on making soups, salads and delicious lunches to take with us to work, but in 2013 that went out the window.  More and more I would grab a sandwich at work which are always completely overpriced and lack the vegetables our homemade lunches do.
  4. Reconnect with friends.  Last year all too often I would go for a quick drink after work rather than taking the time to organise different activities with old and new friends alike.  MozzyMr and I have seriously neglected a lot of our old friends so I aim to do lots of visiting, camping, hosting and generally catching up with the good folk I know and love.
  5. Allotment time.  OK so spending time at the allotment isn't something I really fail at, 2013 was a good year allotment wise for us.  But with a full plot now it's time for MozzyMr and I to plan our plot and our growing season properly.  Bulk is the key word, we've dabbled with growing this and that but this year I plan to grow the veg we know we like and use and grow it by the bucket load.
  6. Seek out culture.  Oh yes that's right I'm going to mention The Drowned Man again (!!) but it really unlocked a keen sense of wanting to engage with more culture.  Whether that be going to the cinema more, seeing more exhibitions, going to the theatre, reading more widely, going to the studio and embracing opportunities.
  7. Be more efficient with chores.  Yeeeeeah I let things pile up and then have a major mission to get the house tidy.  Little and often is the go for 2014.

Well that's probably enough to be getting on with, what resolutions/goals have you set this year?

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  1. I have a small list but the main one is slow down…. life is going so fast you don't always enjoy it :( I've tried this for the last 2 years but it hasn't helped! Any tips?? x


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