Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy Friday

Well it has been a two day working week for me, how very civilised.  My weekend plans are very weather dependant with any luck we will be able to get to the allotment for a bonfire and more digging, if not perhaps a trip to the studio is in order?

Whatever your plans are this weekend folks I hope you have a good one, Happy Friday!

To be fair this is blowing my mind a little bit, when people say ten years ago I still think of the 1990's not 2004.

Anyone who sees me on a regular basis will know that my obsession with stripy, Breton style tops knows no limit, and therefore this illustration must have been made just for me..

How Pop Tarts are made, so hypnotic...


  1. Ahh I'm hoping for sunny spells for allotment time too. We have done NOTHING for weeks because it's rained every weekend. Saturday looks fairly good so fingers crossed. And I love breton tops tooooo. xx

  2. I can't stop looking at the pop tarts!!!!! xx

  3. That wooden clip is fantastic! Love it. I've recently gotten into the stripey clothes area. Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic have all been doing them in so many of their things and I love it.


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