Saturday, 23 November 2013

Taking stock

Meet me at Mikes is a blog I love and read all the time, when Pip posted a list 'taking stock' and suggested others give it a try I thought I would!  

Making : an advent calendar for MozzyMr
Cooking : Jamie Oliver's squash and spinach pasta rotolo
Drinking : lots of squash, I have gone off coffee in a big way recently
Reading: Grayson Perry: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl - so interesting!
Wanting: a haircut, this mop is not looking it's best!
Looking: forward to seeing The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable again 
Playing: Animal Crossing - New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS
Deciding: what to buy MozzyMr for Christmas
Wishing: it wasn't quite so cold
Enjoying: the winter sun
Waiting: for the work stresses to reduce
Liking: weekends hanging out with MozzyMr
Wondering: what changes are on the horizon?
Loving: little Mewster the cat
Pondering: what to have for tea tonight
Considering: buying a new sofa
Watching: clips on Upworthy every day, so many interesting articles
Hoping: I will get some restful sleep soon, I'm absolutely shattered!
Marvelling: at the fact we own a full allotment plot, eep so much work!
Needing: a cuddle
Smelling: the delicious lunch MozzyMr is cooking as I type this
Wearing: SO many layers, it's so chilly
Following: the cat around the house trying to brush her! 
Noticing: how excessive this time of year can be
Knowing: I will be going back out on strike shortly
Thinking: I want to crawl back to bed and get another couple of hours kip
Feeling: ready for a change
Admiring: all of the stock in this ETSY shop
Buying: Christmas presents
Getting: in a panic about how much there is to do at work
Bookmarking: Christmas pins on Pinterest - my new obsession
Opening: boxes and boxes of stuff delivered to us a couple of weekends ago :(
Giggling: at how daft Mewster can be
Feeling: like it is going to be a busy week!

Well that's me, anyone else fancy taking stock?


  1. Think I'll give this a miss…. might stress me out!! Loving Mewster made me giggle, not Mr than? Lovely to see you both yesterday xx

  2. I love the idea of this, it's great!


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