Monday, 18 November 2013

Allotment geekery

Mighty parsnip!  Last year I accidently grew one parsnip because I didn't realise how long it takes them to germinate so thought they hadn't worked.  This year I had a little more patience, grew three rows of parsnips and finally we're being rewarded!

A few carrots for good measure, they did well but there is room for improvement next year.  I am trying to find old baths or other containers that I can raise up and grow carrots in because the majority of my crop this year were eaten by carrot root fly which is a shame.  But we just cut the nibbled bits off and ate the rest and they were delicious....

....especially in a homemade, herb crust veg pie with honey roasted parsnips and carrots with gravy and peas *dribble*.

Our allotment mate Laura has given up her final quarter of the plot.  Work, family and general life commitments make it a struggle at times to get to the plot and it was with regret that she had to give it up.  As such we started digging over the front quarter, happily the soil was perfect for digging and we got through a fair amount, assuming next weekend isn't too rainy we will crack on and get more done.


  1. ooh that pie looks lovely :) xx

    1. It was pretty tasty... room for improvement for sure but the basics are right. xx

  2. That parsnip looks triumphant :) I love garden grown carrots.


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