Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Storm chasing

On Friday night there was a great thunderstorm over Exeter.  Being the saddo 'got no money' type I was all settled in reading my book (Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch) when MozzyMr came back from watering his tomatoes on the allotment.  He couldn't understand why I wasn't jumping about with excitement because there was a thunderstorm (I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS) but the truth is I hadn't noticed, the storm was still far enough away to not be heard if you're concentrating on other things.... that's my excuse.

So we grabbed our waterproofs and headed for the playing fields where the storm seemed to be heading.  The sky was amazing and the lightning was the best I have seen, probably ever.  I took a few photos but my little point and shoot didn't do justice to the colours and of course I didn't capture any lightning, but hey I still like them, they feel all moody...


  1. You crazy fools!!!! I was walking home alone when it started..... not a happy girl :( xx

    1. OH NO! I know how bad that would have been for you :( xxx

  2. Lightening is hard to capture. I stayed up all night during one storm as I was bound and determined to catch at least one. I also like the moody ones.

  3. Nutters.

    We have been caught in two storms within the last week. No brolly or jackets. We all had to wring our undies out when we got home.
    I bought a new brolly today, lesson leanrned.

    But yes I agree, thrilling to watch if you're safe and dry.


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