Thursday, 8 August 2013

Life lately

  • Working from home... in the garden... in the blazing heat... with my feet in a trug of water.
  • Growing sunflowers, the seeds for this flower were taken from the seeds of the flowers at our wedding, we're hoping to keep the line going!
  • Weirdness found in Sidford near the seaside town of Sidmouth.
  • Buying cute things for a cute baby who has a cute mum and dad!
  • Gin, ice, lemon, cucumber.  Back when the sun was shining and we were experiencing summer... oh how those days are missed.
  • Watching the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games on the one year anniversary.  This was one of the many, many awesome moments and one of my favourites, in case you can't make it out from this tiny photo they are the pigeons!  Amazing, I cannot believe the games were a year ago.
  • Mewster, this is the face she pulls every time I leave for work, little does she know that I don't want me to go to work either.
  • Hot hot hot!  36 degree celsius!  I wonder if we'll get such fantastic weather again before autumn sets in?  
  • Discovering some of MozzyMr's collections hidden away at the back of a drawer. 

  • Eating homemade jam on homemade bread is a very happy thing!
  • The first of the chillies are coming along, everything this year seems to be taking a lot longer to mature, which is a little odd as the weather has been so much warmer..?
  • This idiot being too cute.
  • Growing monster tomatoes!  This year we have been striping back the foliage on the tomatoes quite dramatically and the plants seem to be responding by making extra large fruit, thanks for the tip Monty.
  • Buying ridiculous things at the car boot sale for Mewster.  Even if Mew doesn't like her disgruntled hamster water bowl we think it's amazing!
  • Letting things go to seed just because they're pretty.
  • Celebrating our two year wedding anniversary in style.  Both of us are absolutely shattered at the moment the thought of going out was too tiring so MozzyMr made a nice dinner and I made the drinks :)
  • Growing lots of basil to feed my current homemade pesto obsession! 
  • Texture on the gates to the allotment.  I hadn't noticed the patterns on the metal before but I notice them every time I pass them now.


  1. Happy anniversary to you! A nice dinner and drinks at home sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. Plus you then have the company of darling Mewster.

  2. Sounds like 'the good life'!! xx


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