Monday, 27 May 2013

Life lately

1. Messing about on instagram; my wedding and engagement rings plus my Gran's wedding ring which I've taken to wearing recently.
2. Norway Day cupcakes, a whole load of nom but oh so sweet.
3. Eurovision party, and yes we were drinking grappa from a child's tea set.  It seemed like a good idea at the time!
4. Lovely pattern on a free notebook I received from Boden with a recent order I placed :)
5. Stickers for MozzyMr.
6. I didn't take this photo btw, but it is making me chuckle.
7. Broccoli!  In a raised bed!
8. Runner beans! In the ground!
9. Mewster looking thoroughly unimpressed with the cardboard fort I made her.  Hurumph.

1. More Mewster photos I'm afraid (sorry), (not sorry at all).
2. MozzyMr grabbling with weeds.
3. Our first pear!  Our first pear!
4. The view from the Costa at work, Marte and I regularly take an hour for lunch to sit in the sun and escape office politics!
5. My attempts at eating healthier and losing weight, cannelli bean salad with smoked tofu.
6 and 7. More Norway Day decorations.
8. Courgettes are go!  Cannot wait for the first crop, love courgette on pizza, in salad, in pitta with houmous.
9. So.. um yeah I accidentally put the runner bean picture in again.  Sorry about that, but hey it's a mighty fine runner bean so really I'm just giving you a second opportunity to gaze at it's beauty *cough*.

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