Monday, 6 May 2013

Allotment geekery

Yesterday was all about firsts, first properly hot and sunny day of the year, first peeks of apple and strawberry blossom, and first broad bean ever grown!  To round this bank holiday off in proper 'crossing the age line' style we're off to the garden centre in a bit then to the dump to get chicken wire to grow my peas up (yes I heard myself, and yes I know I am rapidly turning into a person of a certain age).

Look at that sky!  It was so lovely yesterday and as I type this I can hear the birds singing outside, I can't wait to get out there :)

I had never realised before we had this allotment that apple blossom starts it's life as a vivid pink, the flowers are so purdy!

* Excitement* the strawberries are coming!  The strawberries are coming!  We're going to give jam a try this year as MozzyMr is allergic to uncooked fruit and there are only so many strawberries I can eat by myself no matter how much I love them.

The only real reason I'm growing broad beans is because I saw a recipe for broad bean pesto that looked great right at the end of broad bean season last year so I couldn't try it out.  I've waited a whole year to grow these little beauties, the trouble is I have a nasty feeling I have no idea where I put the recipe....

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  1. mmm strawberry jam! There's nothing like it. Everything is looking good, especially the weather.


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