Wednesday, 20 March 2013

30 Days of lists - 20

I do not regret...

  1. Living in Devon.  It's a really weird place to be and occasionally Devon folk will make a giant paper scone with cream and jam, and they will parade that scone around town.  You know what?  That's absolutely fine by me.
  2. Posting too many pictures of cats wearing odd outfits on Facebook, yeah that's right I'm one of THOSE people.
  3. Any Birthday, I don't particularly enjoy looking older but I do feel I'm getting wiser!
  4. Laughing at daft cat memes or any animal memes for that matter.
  5. Having a Pusheen background on my work PC.  
  6. A love of and
  7. A love of all things glow in the dark, and perhaps not growing up too quickly.
  8. Walking like this, with a face like that when the day is going well or it's summertime.
  9. Looking after my teeth!  Seriously people; electric toothbrushes and flossing are a must, I don't have an amazingly good looking set of gnashers but I don't have any fillings either!

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