Saturday, 2 March 2013

30 Days of lists - 2

So the 30 days of lists challenge continues!  I did a similar post recently but hey, sorry about that :/

  1. I think sushi might just be my all time favourite food ever, whenever I go to Yo Sushi I completely over indulge but don't regret it one bit.
  2. I am SUCH a lightweight, always have been.  Mewster the cat could drink me under the table without a doubt.  I've put in the practice (mostly with my enabler friend Marte) but alas I am a gnat's breath away from being hammered most of the time.
  3. I like crazy golf a lot but don't play it very often, I might need to change that this year.
  4. It has taken close to 25 years for me to find a hairdresser who doesn't make me want to cry when I leave the salon.  If she ever mentions leaving I might have to kidnap her (I jest) (maybe).
  5. I have no line in the sand when it comes to kitsch, I think I regularly push the boundaries of 'taste' and have watched on a number of occasions my friends say 'oooooooh, mmm yeah it's really nice' whilst backing out of the room.
  6. I shove things in cupboards to 'tidy' but whoever opens the cupboard next will have it all fall out at their feet.  I think MozzyMr is quite patient with this habit of mine.
  7. I've stopped buying fashion magazines because they made me feel ugly.
  8. I would like to have a pet rabbit, I would call it Trixie.

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